TakeTurn - Rotation Management System


TakeTurn is a free Internet application that allows you to manage turns rotation within a team. This program has been originally designed for car-pooling management but will fit to any turn-based situation.

Sample screenshot
(1) Rotation description and commands Use this menu bar to add a new rotation turn, add a member or manage the rotation properties.

(2) Members ranking and statistics 'Next to take turn' order is defined by computed ratio between driver and transported counts.

(3) Historical of past rotation turns and roles.
How does it work ?

First, become a member
Create an account. You will only need to provide a display name and an e-mail and choose your userID.
• Check your mailbox and click on the activation link you just received.
• Log in !

Then create your first rotation
Click on the 'Create a new rotation' button to start this window and enter the name and description of your new rotation.


Last step: invite the other pool members
Enter the e-mail addresses of your teammates and wait for them to accept your invitation.


You're done! You can start adding turns to your rotation...
Click 'New turn' on the menu bar and assign the correct roles to the pool members. The ranking will be updated accordingly and an automatic information mail will be sent to each teammate.


You still have questions ?
Please check our FAQ below or do not hesitate to contact the administrator to share your questions, remarks or suggestions. Feel free also to test the application by creating and dropping rotations and adding members and turns. You will always be able to clean your work and start again when you'll be ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use TakeTurn?
You are regularly car-pooling with about the same pool members and you’re looking for a simple and effective way to keep track of turns rotation and to define the next member to take a turn. This website provides you and your teammates a central and shared environment to easily manage your rotations from anywhere and using any type of media.

How is determined the next member to take a turn?
While validating a new turn, a role is assigned to each member:
Taker – is the one that took this turn
In – for the transported members
Out – if a member did not participate to the turn
The next to take a turn, is the one having the smaller ratio total count of ‘Taker’ divided by total count of ‘In’. This ensures that, independently to the number of participations, all members will enjoy the transportations in the same proportions.

I have created my first rotation but I cannot see any ‘New turn’ button!
Please, invite a pool member to join your rotation or wait for her/him to accept your invitation. You will only be able to add new turns if the rotation counts at least two members.

I’m trying to add a new turn but nothing happens when I click on the ‘Add’ button!
Check the assigned roles. A turn will only be valid if it counts at least one 'Taker' and one 'In'.