Who are we?

Philippe PoletWho is the author of PiRcube ?

The PiRcube software was designed and developed by Philippe POLET, IT Manager living in Belgium and working in Luxembourg for the Deutsche Börse Group. Philippe began his career as an analyst-programmer and then focused on databases administration. He gradually performed more expertise and management oriented missions and has now become responsible for a team of twenty computer scientists specialized in database administration.
Coming from a family of pigeon fanciers and having himself led his own loft for 10 years, he was forced to stop for professional reasons and gave all of his pigeons to his father. No doubt he will return to pigeon breeding once time of retirement will come...

About the development

PiRcube is the third generation of the DOS program 'PIG' developed by Philippe in the 90's. The new product includes all the features of its predecessor and adds new ones. Philippe wanted to change the program to make it benefit from the latest technological tools available around the Internet, while adapting to the changes that occurred inside the pigeon sport these recent years.
Philippe is also author of a website providing a tool to manage rotations within a team : TakeTurn.net.

About website administration

In his administration, development and maintenance of the PiRcube site tasks, Philippe is supported by his son William and his friend Guillaume, a computer professional with experience of over 10 years in the field of creating web pages.

More information

If you want to know more about Philippe POLET, do not hesitate to contact him at this address.