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How to add your race to the PiRcube Spot database ?

If you have a PiRube LOFT account, you can add the new race by yourself using the page Add or change a racepoint. The procedure is described here.

If you don't have a PiRube LOFT account, you can ask to add your race to the database using this procedure :

  1. Collect the following official informations :
    1. Country
    2. Official name of the race (name of the liberation point city)
    3. Description of the race point (e.g. Station parking)
    4. Coordinates
  2. Send these informations to admin@pir3.net using the email address you have used to create your PiRcube Spot account.
If your federation provides a complete list of all race points on its internet site or using another electronic way, let us know and we'll be committed to load all these races into our database directly from that site or that file.
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