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Google Earth map for geolocation and ranking of spots (announcements)

For more visual comfort, press [F11] function key in order to switch to full screen mode. Press [F11] again to switch back to window mode.

Description of the map

The map is of type Google Earth. You can so

  • move the view by clicking on the map and dragging the hand shape mouse pointer,
  • zoom using the mouse wheel or by moving the zoom cursor located at the right of the screen,
  • using the drop down menu located at the bottom-right of the screen, you can change the map type to display a map, a satellite or a terrain (default one) type of map.

At the start, the map displays a global view of the path from the liberation point to your loft using a dotted line.

Refresh of the spots and rankings

  • At regular interval, the map automatically refreshes to display the new announcements sent by the participating fanciers. The map zooms and is automatically centered to display a global view on the whole set of known spots.
  • For each fancier having sent a spot since the last refresh, a pin point appears to geolocalize his loft. An individual window displays all available informations on that fancier along with his clocking list. This window automatically close after a while. You can show or hide the individual window of a fancier by clicking on his pin or on his name in one of the ranking lists.
  • The sections window located at the left side of the map displays different ranking that are updated at each map refresh. The different sections of this window provide the following informations :
    1. Ranking of all registered spots.
    2. Ranking of all spots per category.
    3. List of all your own spots. This section allows you also to delete one of your spots in case of error.

The control window

The sections window located at the right side of the map provide different informations and tools :

  1. Informations on the race et current speed.
  2. List of selected clubs and federations along with the count of pigeons, in total and per category.
  3. The interface allowing you to send your announcements. Click here to get more information on the way to send a spot. This section displays also the current time.
  4. The command section allowing the following operations :
    • Enable or disable the automatic refresh of the map.
    • Enable or disable the automatic centering of the map on the whole set of known spots.
    • Hide or show the rankings window
    • Enable or disable the automatic pop up of individual windows of fanciers
    • Enable or disable the minimum interface. This option allows to hide or reset all windows with one click.
    • Quit the map and return to the PiRcube Spot welcome page.



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